Prevention is Best

Parasite prevention for your pet is a year round priority. Exposure to fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and intestinal worms can cause illness for both you and your pets. The right prevention and regular testing should be enough to keep your pet protected.

External Parasites - Did you know that many over the counter topical products available for flea and tick prevention are no longer considered effective?  We can prescribe a variety of products, both topical and oral, that will protect your pet year round. The oral formulations are made into treat forms to make monthly administration very easy. Some products, like Bravecto, are effective for 12 weeks, meaning you only have to administer 4 times per year. These products offer an easy way to avoid preventable flea and tickborne illnesses.

Heartworm Prevention - Despite high susceptibility in pets, heartworm is avoidable with regular and consistent monthly administration of preventatives. It is important to have your pet tested for heartworm disease prior to starting preventatives. These products are prescription only and require a wellness exam at least every 12 months for continued refills. You can read about guidelines for treatment as outlined by the American Heartworm Society on their website. 

Internal Parasites - As part of your pet's annual wellness examination, we recommend internal parasite testing. An easy way to check for internal parasites is performing a simple fecal test. We recommend yearly testing even if your pet is not symptomatic. Just bring a fecal sample to your appointment and we will take care of the rest. Some parasites are zoonotic, meaning it can be transmitted between species, e.g. from your pet to you. Catching an infection and treating it appropriately will keep you and your pet healthy. 

Purchasing Preventatives - We carry a range of products in our hospital. If your preferred preventative is not available from our in house pharmacy, you can place an order through our online pharmacy. Most products are prescription only and require a wellness exam at least every 12 months for continued refills

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